10 Professional Competencies - Domain 8




The Different Domains

Domain 8: Collaboration with Other Professionals

[1]In each of the three main categories of Competencies (Core, Specific & Specialist), there are several different ‘domains’. These domains of professional activity have to be considered within the general framework of what most people would agree constitutes the profession of psychotherapy, and also within the general framework of views about the basic nature of humankind; interactions between human society and its environment; the nature of that society; and the key concepts of the arts and sciences that are relevant to the development of professional psychotherapeutic practice; and that are relevant to any method of practice.

These domains indicate that a European psychotherapist is competent in these areas:

  1. Working Professionally, Autonomously & Accountably:
  2. The Psychotherapeutic Relationship:
  3. Exploration, (Assessment, Diagnosis & Conceptualization):
  4. ‘Contracting’ (Developing Goals, Plans & Strategies):
  5. Various Techniques & Interventions:
  6. Management of Change, Trauma & Crisis Work
  7. Completion & Evaluation:
  8. Collaboration with Other Professionals: This means that the psychotherapist is able to demonstrate: that they can develop good working relationships with other professionals, either within the field of psychotherapy, or in related fields (medicine, psychiatry, clinical psychology, counselling, etc.). They would respect referrals from other professionals, refer onto other professionals (where appropriate), communicate appropriately with other professionals (especially those dealing with a particular client), work in multi-disciplinary teams, and deal ethically with other professionals, according to any appropriate codes of ethics or ethical guidelines that might apply. This might also mean working collegially with other professionals as in a professional association.
    • §8.1: Collaborate with Other Professionals
      • Become familiar with the work of other professionals
      • Develop and sustain good working relationships with other professionals
      • Communicate effectively with other professionals
    • §8.2: Function as a Team Member
      • Be part of a functioning team
      • React to them member / colleagues' misbehaviour appropriately

  9. Use of Supervision, (Peer) Intervision and Critical Evaluation:
  10. Ethics, Standards & Sensitivities:
  11. Management & Administration:
  12. Research:
  13. Prevention & Education:

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