10 Professional Competencies - Domain 7




The Different Domains

Domain 7: Completion and Evaluation

[1]In each of the three main categories of Competencies (Core, Specific & Specialist), there are several different ‘domains’. These domains of professional activity have to be considered within the general framework of what most people would agree constitutes the profession of psychotherapy, and also within the general framework of views about the basic nature of humankind; interactions between human society and its environment; the nature of that society; and the key concepts of the arts and sciences that are relevant to the development of professional psychotherapeutic practice; and that are relevant to any method of practice.

These domains indicate that a European psychotherapist is competent in these areas:

  1. Working Professionally, Autonomously & Accountably:
  2. The Psychotherapeutic Relationship:
  3. Exploration, (Assessment, Diagnosis & Conceptualization):
  4. ‘Contracting’ (Developing Goals, Plans & Strategies):
  5. Various Techniques & Interventions:
  6. Management of Change, Crisis and Trauma Work:
  7. Completion and Evaluation This means that the psychotherapist is able to demonstrate: that they can complete a course of sessions (sometimes seen as a ‘treatment’), and/or come to an effective end of the psychotherapeutic process with the recipient; that they can prepare an evaluation that clearly demonstrates the efficacy of (or the lack of progress in) those psychotherapy sessions; that records any reduction of symptoms, changes in circumstance, and/or the recipient’s satisfaction with their development; and that they can identify if, when and how any mistakes might have been made, what they were, and how they might be avoided in the future, or generally how any improvements could be made.

    • §7.1: Work towards the completion of the psychotherapy
      • Prepare for the completion of the psychotherapy
      • Explore feelings about endings
      • Identify any possible risks or difficulties
    • §7.2: Manage the conclusion of the psychotherapy
      • Manage the Conclusion
      • Review the Process
      • Identify issues, thoughts and feelings
    • §7.3: Record and Evaluate the Course of the Psychotherapy
      • Record the Process of the Psychotherapy
      • Evaluate the psychotherapy
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  8. Collaboration with Other Professionals
  9. Use of Supervision, (Peer) Intervision and Critical Evaluation:
  10. Ethics, Standards & Sensitivities:
  11. Management & Administration:
  12. Research:
  13. Prevention & Education:

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