10 Professional Competencies - Domain 6




The Different Domains

Domain 6: Management of Change and Crisis Work

These domains of activity have to be considered within a framework that constitutes the professional work of a European psychotherapist.[1]
These ‘domains’ operate within each of the three main categories of Competencies (Core, Specific & Specialist):
These domains indicate that a European psychotherapist is competent in these areas:

  1. Working Professionally, Autonomously & Accountably:
  2. The Psychotherapeutic Relationship:
  3. Exploration, (Assessment, Diagnosis & Conceptualization):
  4. ‘Contracting’ (Developing Goals, Plans & Strategies):
  5. Various Techniques & Interventions:
  6. Management of Change, Crisis and Trauma Work: This means that psychotherapists are able to demonstrate: that they are aware of the dynamics of change and the particular awarenesses and skills in the management of change. When there is a potential for a crisis-type situation to develop, - where relevant - they can perform an appropriate safety audit for their client; they are aware of the symptoms of trauma and have some knowledge, skils and experience in working with people in trauma; that they are aware of the particular parameters around working with people in crisis, and are aware of their own limitations and when to refer on, or to access other, more specialised, services.
    • §6.1: Manage Change and Crisis
      • have an awareness of difficult moments
      • Manage change process
    • §6.2: Work with people in crisis
      • Have an awarenss of crisis intervention
      • Work with people in crisis
      • Indentify issues, thought and feelings
    • §6.3: Work with traumatised people
      • Have an awareness of trauma work
      • Work with people in trauma
  7. Completion and Evaluation:
  8. Collaboration with Other Professionals:
  9. Use of Supervision, (Peer) Intervision and Critical Evaluation:
  10. Ethics, Standards & Sensitivities:
  11. Management & Administration:
  12. Research:
  13. Prevention & Education:

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