10 Professional Competencies - Domain 3




The Different Domains

Domain 3: Exploration, (Assessment, Diagnosis & Conceptualization)

These domains of activity have to be considered within a framework that constitutes the professional work of a European psychotherapist. [1]
These ‘domains’ operate within each of the three main categories of Competencies (Core, Specific & Specialist),
All these domains indicate areas in which a European psychotherapist is competent:

  1. Working Professionally, Autonomously & Accountably:
  2. The Psychotherapeutic Relationship:
  3. Domain 3: Exploration, (Assessment, Diagnosis & Conceptualization): The psychotherapist is able to demonstrate that: as a result of an initial exploration, during or shortly after the initial meeting, they are able (with the help of any appropriate tests, assessment tools, categorisations, and a deep knowledge and understanding of both healthy development and psychopathology) to perform an assessment of the patient/client’s history, process, and probable needs, as well as any risks involved; to record this appropriately, and to be able communicate these to the patient/client, or another professional, where appropriate, and in understandable terms; and to be aware of the limitations of their own professional practice and the method of practice; to have knowledge about appropriate referral possibilities and to inform the patient/client of these when appropriate; this can also be an exploration of why the patient/client is coming to psychotherapy and can thus lead into what that psychotherapist can actually ‘do’ for the them.[2]
      • §3.1: Make an Assessment
        • Make use of assessment tools
        • Conduct an assessment interview
        • Conduct a risk assessment
      • §3.2: Formulate a Diagnosis
        • Recognise any possible mental health / illness issues
        • Respond to mental health / illness needs
      • §3.3: Conceptualize and decide upon an approach
        • Make use of assessment tools
        • Conceptualize the patient/client’s needs
        • Make decisions based on assessment
        • Conclude the Assessment
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  4. ‘Contracting’ (Developing Goals, Plans & Strategies):
  5. Various Techniques & Interventions:
  6. Management of Change, Crisis and Trauma Work:

  7. Completion & Evaluation:
  8. Collaboration with Other Professionals:
  9. Use of Supervision, (Peer) Intervision and Critical Evaluation:
  10. Ethics, Standards & Sensitivities:
  11. Management & Administration:
  12. Research:
  13. Prevention & Education:

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