10 Professional Competencies - Domain 10




The Different Domains

Domain 10: Ethics, Standards & Sensitivities

[1]In each of the three main categories of Competencies (Core, Specific & Specialist), there are several different ‘domains’. These domains of professional activity have to be considered within the general framework of what most people would agree constitutes the profession of psychotherapy, and also within the general framework of views about the basic nature of humankind; interactions between human society and its environment; the nature of that society; and the key concepts of the arts and sciences that are relevant to the development of professional psychotherapeutic practice; and that are relevant to any method of practice.

These domains indicate that a European psychotherapist is competent in these areas:

  1. Working Professionally, Autonomously & Accountably:
  2. The Psychotherapeutic Relationship:
  3. Exploration, (Assessment, Diagnosis & Conceptualization):
  4. ‘Contracting’ (Developing Goals, Plans & Strategies):
  5. Various Techniques & Interventions:
  6. Management of Change, Crisis and Trauma Work:
  7. Completion & Evaluation:
  8. Collaboration with Other Professionals:
  9. Use of Supervision, (Peer) Intervision and Critical Evaluation:
  10. Ethics & Cultural Sensitivities: This means that the psychotherapist is able to demonstrate: that they have read and understood the normal sets of ethical codes and proper practice requirements of their profession, their modality of psychotherapy, their professional association(s); and have thought about any possible conflicts between these; that, in the event of any possible conflict between their clinical practice and/or their personal and professional relationships, they consult immediately and appropriately and take such consultations back into their practice or behaviour; … This domain includes the necessity for a strong awareness of diversity and equality issues, any multi-cultural or cross-cultural contexts, awareness of religious, spiritual and moral sensitivities, the client’s social and economic circumstances, and any socio-political differences.
    • §10.1: Work within an ethical framework
      • Knowledge of professional and ethical guidelines and codes of practice
      • Applying professional and ethical guidelines
      • Working with ethical difficulties
    • §10.2: Work with social & cultural differences
      • Awareness of cultural and social differences
      • Apply knowledge of cultural and social differences
      • Work with social and cultural difficulties
    • §10.3: Social, cultural and political context of psychotherapy
      • Awareness of the social, cultural and political context of psychotherapy
      • Awareness of current trends in psychotherapy
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  11. Management & Administration:
  12. Research:
  13. Prevention & Education:

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