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Welcome: This is the 'Home Page' of the project to establish The Professional Competencies of a European Psychotherapist: a project of the European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP). For more details about the EAP, click here or here.

This Project was effectively 'stopped' in July 2013, at the point of the completion of the 1st Phase of this Project, developing the document, "The Core Competencies of a European Psychotherapist". You can view this document (as a PDF download) here.

The rest of this website relates largely to work undertaken before July 2013, i.e. the development of the Core Competencies and the build-up to the end of the 1st Phase. However, some of these website pages have been changed since July 2013 to make them consistent with the final "Core Competencies" document.

Current Situation: The 2nd Phase of the project is to develop the Specific Competencies for the various modalities of psychotherapy. This piece of work is really the responsibility of the different modalities themselves: as they know what they 'require' from their psychotherapists - over and above the Core Competencies. Some of the psychotherapy modalities - the various different 'branches' or 'methods' of psychotherapy (represented by European Wide Organisations (EWOs) and European Wide Accrediting Organisations (EWAOs) in the EAP) - have already started on this phase of the project.
You can find out more information about the EWOs here. We will update this website with their work on the Specific Competencies for their modality, in due course.

Translation: The other piece of ongoing work being undertaken at present, is to translate the Core Competencies document into various European languages. This part of the project is largely the responsibility of each of the National Awarding Organisations (NAOs) or the National Umbrella Organisations (NUOs) of the EAP, that represent psychotherapy in their different European countries.
For more information about the NAOs and the NUOs, see here. We will update this website with their translation work, in due course.

ESCO: Finally, we have been recently been invited (October 2014) to present the competencies for psychotherapy to the 'Reference Group' for Human Healthcare and Social Services, which is one of the 'sectors' in the European Commission's European Skills, Competences and Occupations (ESCO).You can find out more about ESCO here.

This is the end of the recently updated section of this website.

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Languages: In due course, we hope to be able to have the site translated into different European languages. For the moment, please excuse us - but we have to work in English during these initial stages. It is however possible to see these web pages translated somewhat mechanically into your own language by using Google Chrome or Google Translate.

Collaboration: We are working in collaboration with:

Participation: We really encourage you - whoever you are - to collaborate or participate as well, if you would like to. There is an open 'invitation' for anyone to become a registered Participant in this project (please click here). A preliminary List of Participants has recently become available: please click here.

Mistakes: If you find any technical mistakes (links that don't work, pages that don't load, etc.), or if you don't understand, or seriously disagree with anything written, please inform us (see below).

Process: You can see who and how and what we are doing by viewing our progress here. Please also view the other pages on this website.
This website is also being constantly amended and updated: the dates on which any particular page was last changed should appear at the bottom, just above the counter.
This is a developing, interactive work-in-progress: we hope it is also open and transparent.


Working Group on Professional Competencies: committee@psychotherapy-competency.eu